Annemieke Frank
Founder & Head of Heroes
Annemieke Frank - Head of Heroes - EduHeroes Club

Part-time Gamification Geek & Full-time Education Enthusiast

Co-Founder of EduHeroes Club - An education initiative dedicated to rethinking how we teach & learn. With an emphasis on helping learners thrive in the future, by promoting 21st century skills through project-based learning and design thinking.

Community Builder & Communications Manager in education - Organising meetups & workshops, promoting educational topics and gathering like-minded people that want to change something within education. Speaking at events and writing about educational topics, brining awareness to new learning and teaching methods.

My quest: Engaging with entrepreneurs and specialists, fostering innovation and dynamic exchange of ideas with a mission to challenge and improve education as we know it. 
My superpowers: Communications, Community, PR & Marketing, Design Thinking, Speaking and pretty much anything that has to do with Education.